The Artesia "Big Easy" Bundle is Revolutionizing Gaming and Podcasting

Create podcasts that stand out from the rest, elevate your gaming & streaming to the competitive level, and enhance your YouTube videos with the "Big Easy" bundle from Artesia. This bundle contains everything needed to delight your audience with broadcast quality game streams, podcasts, and recordings.

High-Rez Audio Interface

The Artesia A22xt is a professional 24-bit audio interface, offering maximum flexibility as a fully bus powered USB device with pristine audio quality.

Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The Artesia AMC-20 Professional cardioid condenser microphone that is both very quiet and sensitive. The low self noise allows you to give your work the dynamics it deserves. This mic can handle the extremes from ultra-sensitive to ultra-loud.

Acute Studio Headphones

Artesia AMH-11 Studio headphones produce an extremely wide dynamic range with its highly efficient transducers that

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