Why You Should Purchase A Yamaha SLG Silent Guitar

Interested in a light and quiet travel guitar? Our Yamaha silent guitar review might interest you. Today, we are having a look at Yamaha SLG200 – a bodiless guitar designed to cause minimal disturbance to your roommates and neighbors. Below, we’ll have a look at the features and benefits of the Yamaha guitar, and we’ll also touch upon its disadvantages.

Low-Noise Frame

The key feature of the Yamaha SLG200 guitar is the bodiless design. Due to the absence of a traditional guitar top and back, the sounds produced by the strings don’t get amplified much, which reduces the volume of the guitar significantly. SLG200 still produces some acoustic guitar sound, but it’s really quiet and unlikely to be heard by your neighbor’s next door.

What’s also nice about the design of SLG200 is that it’s really lightweight. This probably isn’t why you are shopping for a silent guitar, but the bodiless design still

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